Creative Laminating Surfboards

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Creative Laminating Surfboards

Quality hand crafted- Shortboards-Longboards-Fish-Midlengths

Quality Handmade Surfboards Port Kembla


The Go To

Cls Surboards Port Kembla Go To Shortboard
CLS surfboards Port Kembla Go To Shortboard

This is my performance Short board, I have refined this design over many years to get a perfectly balanced short board that is not only drivey and fast but also loose and responsive. Loves the Barrel and snaps.

Tail templates to suit. My favourite travel board, that really performs in the wave pool. Custom Shape available.



Cls surboards Port Kembal Twincal 2
Cls surboards Port Kembal Twincal 3

This Twin Fin has been designed for the Twin Fin surfer who loves a fast and responsive craft that rides like a performance short board.  With an added a rear fin box for extra drive and snap with a small controller fin.

Fins are set further back for backhand snaps and controlled carves. Its an everyday fun surfboard. Sizes range from 5’8″-6’4″.


No Friends

CLS Surfboards Port Kembla No Friends 1
CLS Surfboards No Friends midlength



A fantastic Mid length Surfboard that has modern design features for smooth riding and easy turning.

It’s a wave catching machine that paddles like a long board.

My most versatile model, that can be ridden in the smallest of waves, right up to serious size.

A must for your quiver for those lazy days.

Sizes from 6’2′-8′.



CLS surfboards port Kembla D- Elevator(1)
CLS surfboards Port Kembla D- Elevator longboard

This Long board is collaboration between team rider Dane Pioli and myself. It has been refined over many years to get the balance  of performance and fun dialled in.This is Dane’s go to long board for contest surfing.

This shape has many modern design elements, it has a flip tail for endless nose riding and is a wave catching machine. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Single fin box,

Sizes from 9’1″-9’6″.

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